Frequently Asked questions

Will there be any performances of student works? If so, will my parents/friends be able to attend?

Yes! Students will be assigned to write a short work (ca. 2 minutes) for either the concert track ensemble (flute, cello, piano) or the tech track ensemble (SPLICE ensemble). The performance will take place on Temple University campus on July 26th, and will be free and open to the public. The performance will also be professionally recorded.

I've never really composed before, but am interested in learning and I can sing or play an instrument. Can I still apply?

Yes, you should still apply. Please submit any files, recordings, or videos that will support your musical learning and experience. Make sure to include your interest in composition in your essay.  If you have questions about this part of the application, please get in touch using our Contact page.

Do I need to be able to read music to attend the camp?

Yes, you need to have experience reading music. Not being able to read music will prevent you from being able to fully participate in classes.

I'm outside of the age ranges for the camp, but I really want to apply. Can I send in an application anyway?

We have chosen to serve the specific population of girls ages 14–19 in order to help girls transition into adulthood and think about college and career choices. If you are slightly outside of the age range of 14–19 but believe that you should still be accepted, please include your reasons in your essay or in the additional notes section of the application.

I’m interested in working with technology (fixed media and/or live electronics). Will I have the opportunity to do so at YWCC?

Yes! You will be able to learn about some aspects of music technology (both fixed media and live electronics) and will have the opportunity to use either in your final composition. No prior experience in music technology is required.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is no fee to apply.

When will I receive my admissions decision?

Students will receive notification of their admissions decision via email in April 2019.

I was wait-listed this year - when will I hear if I am accepted?

If you are on the wait list, you may be notified of a change of status to accepted up until July 1st.

Is the Temple main campus safe?

Yes, the Temple main campus is very safe. We have our own police department (Temple Police) and there are security guards at the entrances to every building. Please visit for more information.

I’m interested in taking the train to campus, but haven’t ever taken it before.

The Temple train station (10th and Norris) is 2 blocks away from Presser Hall. If you or your parents have a car, we would recommend driving down to campus for the first day of camp. That way, you will have time to check out the campus and learn where the train station is. We will also have Boyer student workers walking students to and from the train station and Presser Hall for the first few mornings of the camp. Signage directing towards the main campus is also quite clear from the train platform.

I’m an accepted student and will be coming from out of town. What are my housing options?

Resident students are housed in the Temple dorms. Students under 18 will stay in the Johnson and Hardwick (J&H) dorms, which is also where the dining hall is located. The dorm rooms are all doubles and have air conditioning; there is no kitchen in the dorms, so all students will have to purchase a meal plan. J&H is a little over a block away from Presser. J&H residents will have a chaperone living on their floor, who will walk them to/from classes and dine with them. Students who are 18 or 19 will stay in Morgan Hall, which is about a 10-minute walk from Presser on the south side of campus. Morgan residents will not have a chaperone in their dorm, and their dorm room will be equipped with a kitchen, so purchasing a meal plan is optional. The cost for J&H is $818, and the cost for Morgan is $652–901 (with/without meal plan).

How is parking on campus?

Parking during the summer is generally good. There is plenty of street parking on the surrounding streets, and none of the spots are timed or require a permit. If you prefer to park in a lot, the Diamond Street Lot is the closest to Presser and costs $15 per day. For a full list of the parking lots on the Temple campus, visit the campus operations website here.

I'm interested in volunteering at the camp.

You can send us your information on the Contact page and we will be in touch if we are in need of any volunteers!


Any other questions? Contact us here.