ensembles in residence will: (a) present their instruments, including standard repertoire for the ensemble, compositional advice, and extended techniques; (b) rehearse final projects and give advice specific to their instrument; and (c) perform the final projects and provide a professional-level recording.




ATLYS is a classically trained, crossover string quartet comprised of four women. Hailed for being incredibly passionate and interactive in their performances and about their music, the four create a concert atmosphere that is absolutely mesmerizing. ATLYS has over 500 performances under their belt, having charmed audiences around the world representing the Lincoln Center in collaboration with Holland America Line. Their shows are captivating, and they take pride in drawing people into their concerts who may have never otherwise been interested in attending a quartet performance. Being an acoustic and therefore easily mobile group, they also enjoy performing in un-conventional spaces such as art galleries, warehouses, bars, and houses. For further information, please visit their website: www.atlysmusic.com.