Application requirements:

  • Supplemental musical materials. You can choose to submit any of the following options below (mix and match if you prefer), and must submit at least two files. If you are applying for the tech track, please submit any compositions using electronics that you may have, although you need not have specific tech experience to apply.

    • 1–2 sample compositions of any length or instrumentation. A midi file or live recording may be included in the application, but is not necessary. Music should preferably be notated on computer software, but a scanned image of a handwritten score may also be submitted (please make sure it is legible).

    • 1–2 recordings/videos of an improvisation

    • 1–2 recordings/videos of a composition or song that is not notated.

    • Anything else that you think we should see/hear that shows your musical ability.

  • Recommendation letter from a teacher (a music teacher is preferred, but not necessary). The link to submit recommendation letters will be posted here when the application opens.
    Accepted format: PDF

If you do not have any compositional experience but are interested in applying, please submit a 250–500 word essay in place of sample compositions. The essay should focus on your musical experiences and why you would like to attend the camp. You will have the option to submit this essay within the general application.


All spots filled for 2019. Check back in spring 2020 for next year’s application!

There is no fee to apply.

Students who wish to be considered for financial aid scholarships can have their parent or guardian fill out the financial aid form below. Please note that you will be asked to provide a copy of your most recent Federal Tax Form (SSN redacted) listing your total income and number of dependents. ALL 2019 FINANCIAL AID HAS BEEN AWARDED.

If you were asked to fill out a recommendation form for a student, please use the form below. You will be asked to upload a signed PDF of your recommendation.